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International Jewelry Center Building in Los Angeles, CAWe know you have many options when selling your diamonds, fine jewelry, and antique/estate jewelry in today’s market place. We have proven to be the best option if you are looking for fast disposition of large diamonds, high quality diamonds, natural fancy color diamonds, fine jewelry, and estate jewelry.

We are international diamond brokers with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Israel, and Hong Kong. We have built a vast, worldwide network over many years in the diamond trade. We believe in, and have created a low pressure, low profit margin, high volume business model that allows us to pay the highest prices possible for quality merchandise. We constantly strive for honesty, integrity, consistency, and reliability. We have an outstanding team of gemologists, appraisers, and sales executives working on your behalf to achieve this. Try us for a complimentary valuation on your diamonds, fine jewelry, and estate jewelry. You’ll be happy you did!

The following are common choices in the marketplace when selling your diamonds and fine jewelry: auction, fine jewelry retail stores and pawnbrokers are the most common. We can offer a better option for you than these choices, and here’s why…


Selling your jewelry at auction can be very alluring. The strongest selling point is that there will be multiple buyers competing for your item all at once. And this is the auctioneer’s strongest selling point. But what they often forget to tell you is they are taking commissions from both ends! They take a commission from you to sell your item, usually 15%-25%. But they also get a commission from the buyer! That’s right, the buyer also pays a “buyers premium,” typically from 20%-25%. This fact is often overlooked by the person in your position, but it is a very important part of the financial equation in the final price you receive for your diamonds. Essentially, the buyer will factor in or reduce the amount he is willing to pay for the item at auction to account for the total after the buyer’s premium. So in fact, the auction house is making a 35%-40% commission on your jewelry, you will only be receiving the remaining 60%-65% of the market price of your items. And remember, auction is NOT a retail environment – it is a mix of dealers looking to pay wholesale prices less buyer’s premium, and public consumers looking for a deal. Auction houses also often charge miscellaneous fees for photography, advertising, storage, etc. And your item may not even sell at all. Or worse, they may sell way below estimate or your expectations. There can also be charges to get your items back if they do not sell. Auctions are exciting, but costly!

Fine jewelry retail stores:

Sometimes, the best way to sell your diamond is to sell it to the jeweler you bought it from. Unfortunately, that may not always be as easy as it sounds. It may be very difficult for them to re-sell a piece that is used, especially if it is an engagement ring. Fine jewelers in this day don’t often want to purchase or own a piece of diamond jewelry outright and have that money tied up in their inventory when they can simply take it on memo from a wholesale diamond broker. Typically, they want you to consign it to them, meaning they don’t pay you until the item sells. It may sell in a couple weeks or a of couple years - no one really knows how long it will take, or if it will in fact sell at all. And typically, the retailer will take a large commission in the neighborhood of 35%-60%. The best thing about selling with a fine jeweler or estate jewelry store is that they can likely get retail prices for your items. The downside is you don’t know when your item will sell, and the fine jeweler takes a large commission.


A pawnshop can be a useful place to go for a collateral loan when you are in urgent need of short term relief. But is not the best place to sell your diamonds or jewelry outright. Pawnbrokers typically have a broad knowledge of many things, but are rarely experts at one thing in particular, especially diamonds! As a result, they are extremely conservative in their payout on your valuable jewelry.

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